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Rough: Geodes, Dugway
Picture: Dugway geode, UT.

Dugway geodes are from the famous old location out of Dugway, Utah. (Stock 664) Most have cavities lined with crystals, etc. There are no complete nodules available. The geode received will be naturally broken halves. Use for displaying as is on a cobra stand, or display a mining scene with small pewter miners, or other popular pewter items . Sizes of the geode halves will run approximately from about 1/2 to 5 plus pounds each. Do you have some complete geodes? To split open or break a geode without a diamond slab saw, draw a line around the center, perpendicular to any flow lines present, or tie a string around the center. Tap lightly, completely around the line on the geode several times with a hammer and chisel or until it breaks open. Even geodes as small as 1 1/2" thick may contain a beautiful surprise, so hammer with caution. For those of you that like fluorescent material, Dugways centers will fluoresce green. The price listed is for one pound sample order.