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Rough, Hubbard Basin petrified wood
Hubbard Basin petrified wood, large rouh

Rough Hubbard Basin wood from Nevada is one of the most colorful petrified or fossilized woods. Colors are mainly gray to blue with white, gold, pink, reddish brown, etc. These are mainly sections of wood rounds. They are highly agatized and will take a beautiful polish. The wood rough has some crystal vugs in it, but very nice for jewelry work, bookends, polished specimens, or display item for the shop, etc. Price is listed is for one pound. Sizes are mostly  very large large such as over 200 lbs., but a few from 15-35 pounds & up. Notice the 55 gallon drums behind the rough. See a sample slab of Hubbard Basin petrified wood or a polished slab of Hubbard Basin wood

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