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Rough: Moonstone, India
Picture: Moonstone rough from India
New Year Celebration - Free shipping, rough & slabs for Jan. USA Only
$ 3.60

Moonstone rough from India is gem variety feldspar (orthoclase) in mixed colors from clear/white to blue/gray to peach. (Stock 271) The bluish or silvery sheen shown in and upon cut specimens is known as adularescence. These opaque, flat, tabular crystals will make beautiful opalescent cabochons. Moonstone is sold in one ounce increments. (See photo shown for a one ounce sample order of moonstone.) Cut your cabochon thick with a high dome since moonstones are fragile if sliced thin. The hardness of moonstone is 6 for these transparent to opaque crystals and they can be polished easily. Just wet the crystal and hold in the sunlight and look for the silvery sheen. Orient the stone so the base of the cabochon is parallel to this plane of sheen. Moonstone is the birthstone for the month of June and would also be a lovely stone for any June bride to wear. Moonstones are usually recommended for cabochon cutting only, but tumbled moonstones are on the web, so try your hand at it. Since the stone is soft (6 hardness), usually not recommended for ring cabochons, since abuse to the stone is more likely.