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Rough: Obsidian, Apache Tears
Photo shows one pound of Apache tears, obsidian, AZ.
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Apache tears are rounded, black, natural, glassy pebbles or nodules and have formed from old lava flows due to erosion. (Stock 567) When Apache tears are held to a light source or slabbed, they are translucent and a light smoky color. Size of the individual rough Arizona Apache tears are from 3/4" to almost 2". For tumbling tips for Apache tears see Tumbling with rotary or barrel tumblers. They will make very nice tumbled stones and also use for jewelry, or give to a budding geologist for a sample for an interesting addition to a collection. Apache tears are sold by one pound for one order. The photo shows that approximately 18 Apache tears made one pound, but this number may vary from 16-20 or so per pound. We do not pick out certain sizes or large stones only. As you know the best tumbling process is to have an assortment of sizes. Remember when tumbling Apache tears, it is recommended to use only Apache tears. The reason being the stones are very round, and if you have other broken obsidian, or slabs, tumbling with them, the Apache tears will be ground much smaller by the time the rough and broken chunks of obsidian are shaped. If you want to get creative and tumble other rough obsidian until you are almost happy with their shape, then you can add some Apache tears and continue the process. Enjoy!

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