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Rough Rocks For Cabbing

Snakeskin agate, rough, 2 lbs. All natural, non-treated semi-precious gemstones, such as chalcedony, agate, jasper, jade, geodes, thundereggs, and much more.
Rough rock is normally sold by the pound, but a few gemstone varieties are sold by the ounce or one half pound samples, so please read the descriptions. If you need a certain size chunk of rough for a sphere or possibly want one 10 pound chunk, instead of an assortment of 10 pounds, please send an e-mail to clarify your order. Please notify us promptly as orders go out quickly. Some items may not be available in an order of one pound, and therefore we may have to send something slightly over or under and adjustments will be made on the invoice. We hope this meets with your approval and understanding. Please note, the pictures of the rough shown on each web page is a sample of the material, not the exact item you will receive.

Here are all the products in this category:
Rough: Agate, Brazil, choice
Rough: Agate nodules, ex. small, Brazil
Big Sur jade, rough 32
Rough: Black chalcedony, onyx
Rough: Blackskin agate, India
Rough: Bloodstone, India, lg.
Rough: Bloodstone, India, sm.
Rough: Bloodstone, tumbling
Rough: Bruneau jasper, sm. size
Deer Creek fire agate, 1/4 lb.
Dryhead agate, 2nd's, rough
Rough: Fancy blood jasper
Rough: Green jasper
Rough: Geodes, Dugway
Rough: Graveyard Point plume agate
Rough: Green moss agate, No.1
Rough: Green tree agate
Rough: Montana agate, large
Rough: Mook, mookaite jasper
Rough: Moonstone, India
Oatman, thunder-eggs, rough
Rough: Obsidian, Apache Tears
Rough: Obsidian, black lace
Rough: Obsidian, double flow or banded
Rough: Obsidian, mahogany black lace
Obsidian, mahogany lace with snow flakes, rough
Rough: Obsidian, mahogany double flow
Rough: Obsidian, rainbow, OR
Rough: Obsidian, snowflake
Rough: Onyx, calcite, green, UT
Rough: Onyx, calcite, honey, UT
Oregon thunder-egg
Rough: Pink and green moss agate
Rough: Rutilated quartz, black
Rough: Rutilated quartz, green
Rough: Septarian nodules
Rough: Spring Mtn. picture rock
Rough: Picture rock-Succor Creek
Priday Ranch, thunder-eggs, rough
Rough: Sunstones, India
Sunstones, OR
Rough: Tiger eye, gold, thin
Rough: Tigereye, variegated, No. 1
Rough: Trapper Creek dendritic agate
Rough: White fortification agate
Rough Yellow blackskin
Rough: Yellow skin agate
Rough for tumbling
Tumbling rough Mule Canyon