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Rough: Sunstones, India
Rough sunstones, India
New Year Celebration - Free shipping, rough & slabs for Jan. USA Only

Sunstone from India is sold in one ounce increments for this top quality rough. (Stock 280) Sunstone is a prized gemstone variety of oligoclase feldspar with minute platelike brilliant reddish-orange inclusions of iron oxide (hematite or goethite) oriented parallel to one another. These bright coppery reflections found in sunstone exhibit a special optical effect known as aventurescence*. (*Sinkankas, Gemstones of North America, New York, 1959). Remember to make your sunstone cabochon a low dome to take full advantage of this beautiful display of spangled inclusions. Feldspar is a fragile crystal and it has a pronounced cleavage parallel with the crystal faces with an approximate hardness of 6. Care should be taken when working with this natural crystal and the results are definately worth it. (The picture to the left shows a one ounce sample of rough India sunstones, but sizes of each individual stone will vary from 8mm to 52mm lengths.)