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Slabs for Cabbing

Bruneau jasper, ID, slab Unpolished slabs for jewelry, artistic painting, craft projects, etc.
Please note, the majority of slab images are samples of the material, not necessarily the one you will receive. (We have thousands of slabs and cannot possibly give you an image of each one.) The slabs or slices of the semi-precious gemstones listed below have a normal thickness of about 7/32 to 1/4" thick. We have been slowly adding some slabs at 3/8" for flintknappers and those will be identified as such in the description of those slabs. You may also find some 1/16" slabs used for transparencies, and or other thicknesses, which will be noted on the description. If a thickness of the slab is not given, you know it is a normal size of thickness around 1/4". Our slab orders are sold by square inches & one sample slab of the material chosen will contain at least five. Some slabs of valuable material will be sold by the slice and the price will be listed as such. We lay a plastic grid marked by one inch squares over each slab and count the number of squares in the slab. For most normal orders, if 2 is ordered, you may possibly receive one slab that contain 10 square inches or possibly two slabs that combined will add up 10 square inches. If you have a preference for one large slab when ordering two or more, please send an e-note after placing your order. A few materials may have to have several slabs sent for one order. We will do our best to fill the order as requested if larger slabs are available at the time of order. Orders are filled as quickly as possible. Don't delay in sending a note for your preference of a large slab. Image to the left is a sample of our large Bruneau jasper slabs, ID. Slab #102.
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Bloodstone, premium large
Blue Mtn. jasper, thin
Brazil agate slabs
Brazil whiteskin slabs
Brazil, premium slabs
Brazil, rainbow slabs
Bruneau jasper No.12
Bruneau jasper, No. 15
Bruneau jasper, No. 1 slabs
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Flint, red, OH, slabs
Graveyard Point plume, good gr. slabs
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Green moss agate slabs, 1/16" thick
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Leopardskin slabs, Mex.
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Obsidian, black lace slabs
Obsidian, double flow or banded slabs
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Picture rock, Succor Creek slabs
Rhodochrosite, Argentina
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