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Thumlers Tumbler, A-R12 No. 130
Thumler's rotary/barrel tumbler A-R12, No. 130.

The Thumler's Tumbler Model A-R12 (stock No. 130) is a deluxe, large 12 lb. capacity barrel or rotary tumbler with a hexagon rubber barrel. It is quiet and an efficient operation and well suited for the serious rock hobbyist or for the sportsman as a case polisher for handloaded ammunition. Overload protected, continuous duty, fan-cooled motor. The Thumler's Tumbler, A-R 12, can be converted to run two 3 pound barrels and will come in handy to tumble two different hardness of stones at the same time. The A-R 12 unit has a metal band for easy sealing. Just tighten the band with a screw driver. Comes with instructions and a copy of the Guide for Rock Polishers. A discount will be given at the SHOPPING CART from the retail price listed. Shipping weight 11 lbs. FOB Powell, WY