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Thumlers vibratory tumbler UV-10 Industrial
20% Discount
$ 368.62

Get ultra finishes with an Ultra-Vibe Tumbler, Thumler's Tumbler Model No. UV-10 Industrial (Part no. 183IN), a 10 pound or 3 quart capacity vibratory tumbler. The removable polyethylene bowl with lid for quiet operation is of  heavy steel construction. A vibratory tumbler is great to use since the length of time for tumbling is much reduced from using a barrel or rotary tumbler. Instead of taking a week or more on various grit operations, only a few days will be needed. The vibratory tumbler mass creates a cyclonic effect, moving around down in the center and up on the outside at the same time moving around the bowl. Ball bearing motor operates on 115 volts and is overload protected. This is a professional quality rock polisher/case polisher. (Will accomodate 100-200 rifle cases or up to 400 pistol cases at once.) Other uses for cleaning and polishing: fish lures, jewelry findings, coins, machined and stamped metal parts. Dimensions: 10" x 11" high. A discount will be applied at the SHOPPING CART. Shipping weight for the Thumler's Tumbler UV-10 Industrial, stock # 183IN is 9 pounds. FOB Powell, WY. NOTE: Export models with 220 volt, list price $347.57.  Please advise or call for this model. Discount available also.

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