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Thumlers vibratory tumbler, UV-45

Thumler's vibratory tumbler, UV-45 will give an ultra finish with the Ultra-Vibe tumbler, (stock No. 185).  The UV-45 has a removable, heavy duty, polyethylene bowl with lid, variable amplitude for desired finish during deburring, with a 4 3/4 gallon capacity and weight capacity of approximate 57 pounds, (or 1000 ea. 30.06 cases for polishing brass cartridges). The mass creates a cyclonic effect moving down in the center and up on the outside at the same time moving around the bowl. The tumbling process will take just days instead of weeks to complete the various grit stages. Ball bearing motor operates on 115 volts, thermally protected, uses 1.6 amps. Vibrates at 3000 VPM. Overall dimensions 17" diameter x 18" high. A discount will be applied at the SHOPPING CART. Shipping weight for the Thumler's vibratory tumbler UV-45, stock No. 185 is 30 lbs. Pricing on an export model (240 Volt) is $977.00 FOB Auburn, WA

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