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Tumbled stones, assorted
Picture: Sample of assorted polished tumbled stones.

The tumbled stones are polished samples of various gemstones and are mostly of an medium size stone. An order is a one pound package of tumbled stones which will be assorted varieties, most with a terrific polish and will contain agate, jasper, obsidian, etc. The image shown is a one pound package assortment which will contain approx. 70 stones, but each one pound bag will vary. We've added some nice flat tumbled stones, which makes nice pendants when using fold-over bails or try wire wrapping. The types of gemstones possible in the package may be petrified wood, palm wood, bloodstone, amethyst, garnet, Brazil agate, snowflake obsidian, green moss agate, fancy blood jasper, brecciated jasper, turritella, Bruneau jasper, turquoise, tigereye, Site Six plume agate, aventurine, leopardskin, rhodonite, Graveyard Point plume, MT agate, and more.  

What are some ways to use tumbled stones? School teachers can give to students for items of interest when studying earth sciences. Use tumbled stones for jewelry by glueing to jewelry findings. Take a look at Semi-Precious Gifts and check out Rock bug and Spiders for a fun craft project or fund raiser. Have a treasure hunt when the grandchildren come over and hide or scatter some tumbled stones. Is someone having a birthday party? A goody bag with tumbled stones is a nice way to thank the guests for coming. (Check out how to make a grab bag for tumbled stones. Adjust the size of the bag for smaller sizes.) Place the polished tumbled stones in a decorative jar or wooden box at the office and have a fun conversation starter. Get the kids excited about geology and more by learning to name many types of the polished tumbled stones. If you don't have room for hundreds of pounds of rough or slabs, start a tumbled stone display. For even more fun, start tumbling your own gemstones! Enjoy!