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Tumbler lid gasket, 12 or 15 lb. barrel
Picture: Rubber gasket for a 12 or 15 pound barrel tumbler.

The rubber lid gasket will fit a Thumler's Tumbler, Model B, 15 pound capacity tumbler barrel or a 12 pound capacity tumbler barrel for the old Highland Park tumblers now manufactured by Diamond Pacific. The lid gaskets help seal the barrel from leaking during the tumbling process.  Be sure to check the lid gasket on a regular basis to see if it might be getting thin in the middle.  A definite softness in the middle of the lid gasket, means it's ready to blow!  An extra gasket will come in handy for quick repair when the inevitable will happen with your tumbler running day and night for weeks, months and years on end. Diameter of the rubber lid gasket is approximately 8 7/8".  Part #611-30-1219.