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Tumbling rough Needles blue palm
Rough for tumbling Needles blue palm wood, CA

Tumbling rough of Needles, CA blue palm wood is available in sizes from under 1/2 pound to just a few ounces. One sample order will weigh one pound. This rare material is found in only one place in the world as far as we know, in Needles, CA.  Needles blue palm wood was under private ownership by the Needles Rock Club many years ago when we were allowed to dig. We recently opened up another old crate and found this great material ready to be tumbled polished, or slab some larger pieces with a trim saw for nice cabochons. The rough is interesting material, with many eyes from the roots that have been silicified. The agatized rough is called palm root, from the root ball of the palm tree which was probably buried in dirt and saved from possibly a fire, since little if any palm fiber from the trunk of the tree was found. Stock 580tum. Now out!