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Ultimate Glass Saw, 10
15% Discount

The Ultimate glass trim saw with a 10" blade by Covington Engineering produces smooth clean cuts with minimal chipping and a prolonged blade life.  It ships with an Ultimate glass blade. Open table space permits ample room for free trimming.  All glass trim saws feature Covington's unique "Koolerant Kontrol" vale which virtually eliminates splash. Valve "C" adjusts the flow from reservoir "A" into blade compartment "B" to maintain proper coolant levels.  Excess coolant from cutting area returns to the reservoir. Twin drains permit quick cleaning of sump.  All units ship fully assembled with a diamond blade, aluminum topped Lam-I-Cushion base, 1/3hp motor, Koolerant Kontrol valve, aluminum oxide dressing stick, operating instructions and product guarantee. There are two similar glass trim saws to choose from. The purchase price of $860.00 will give you the trim saw with Covington's Ultimate glass blade, stock #5110TS, or if you wish the glass trim saw with a Platinum resin blade, the price for that glass trim saw is $990.00, stock 5115TS. FOB Redlands CA