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Vibra-Dry + mix, 25,000
Vibra-Dry+Polish Mix, 1 pound
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An order of one Vibra-Dry + (R) mix, 25,000 polishing compound is a one pound package, for use in your vibratory tumbler. Vibra-Dry + mixes will produce a brilliant finish seldom achieved by any other method. Vibra-Dry is a dry process, so that stones, coins, jewelry pieces, finished jewely, castings, etc. can be easily removed from the mix, and then cleaned with a polishing cloth or rinsed in water. The mix is ready to process another batch of material. No mess at the end or worry about how much liquid, slurry level or fillers are needed. The usual technique for tumble polishing rough such as agate and jasper, is to use silicon carbide grit sequences: 60/90, 150/220, 500 or 600 F, followed by 800 aluminum oxide pre-polish, but for a far better shine, the 25,000 or 50,000 Vibra-Dry + mix is recommended.  Remember, a rotary tumbler can be used when using the silicon carbide grit sequences, but is not recommended for the Vibra-Dry + Mix. Please use a vibratory tumbler when using Vibra-Dry. For more technical support, call Diamond Pacific direct. 800-253-2954. Please note, in the past steel shot had been part of the instructions, but is no longer. The company and customers had found the Vibra Dry works just fine without steel shot.

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