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Western Gem Hunters Atlas
Picture: Book-Western Gem Hunters Atlas

The Western Gem Hunters Atlas, has thousands of locations shown in this handy guide to known rock and gemstone locations in the western half of the U.S., from North Dakota, south to TX, and west in the USA, plus part of British Columbia and Alberta, Canada is also listed.  This very popular book, with 79 pages of maps with locations and highway or dirt road mileages has been used by rockhounds for years. Copyright since 1966, by C.Johnson and Son, the field trip booklet is the 29th edition, dated 2001. The authors have not gone into detail about private claims or property ownership since these are subject to constant change.  Check with your local Bureau of Land Management for areas opened to collecting for home use, etc.  Claims are usually posted but the owners may allow collecting.  Remember, when traveling off the main highways, take plenty of food, water, and clothing and a cell phone for emergencies, and let someone know where you are going and when you will be back. Although these locations have been known for years, often times, with erosion, material is still found. Bring along your Treasure Scoop (Formerly Estwing Gem Scoop) to reach under those overgrown sage brush, greasewood, and other bushes to find overlooked material. If you are in hilly country, remember rocks get washed or roll down hill, so walk up instead to find the source if possible, then check the lower areas for overlooked samples. Explore the area and you may find a new rock or mineral. Have fun on your treasure hunt and good luck!