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White fortification agate slabs
Picture: Slab of white fortification agate, India (sample order of 2 or 10 plus one inch squares.)

White fortification agate slabs are  high quality, fine banded slabs for use in making pendants or other.  The finished cabochon will look elegant when used over a red, black, blue, or other dark color to show the interesting patterns of this material. The material is very dense. Each order of one slab will contain a miniumum of 5 each one inch squares. The white fortification agate is in shades of white to blue-gray. (Remember fortification agate is banded agate which will show bands that will bend or turn in places which makes one think of a fort viewed from high above.) Some of the material is thought to have iris effects which will show when slabbed very thin and polished. (To check for iris effects: hold your finished specimen at arms length toward a light or candle and the iridescence or colors will show when viewed through the slab.) Stock 290s.

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