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WY jade with quartz crystals
Wyoming jade slab with quartz crystals
$ 45.00

WY nephrite jade with quartz crystals is very rare, but we have a few slabs available.  The jade is a dark olive green with quartz crystals as shown.  Many WY localities have been known to contain jade and one in particular, section 17 of WY, has been listed for jade having quartz crystals.  This was in a great book by W.Dan Hausel and Wayne M. Sutherland, in "Gemstones and Other Unique Minerals and Rocks of Wyoming", Bulletin 71, published in 2000.  I highly recommend this book.   This small rough was found recently in our collection, probably from a collection we purchased back in the 80's of assorted agates, jaspers and more, from a couple who had a shop in the 50's, Art and Bea Carlson. This slab measures approximately 3 1/4" x 4 1/2". Stock 531s.  Each slab will be sold by the complete slab only. As each slab is sold, will show another photo for detail of the slab. Enjoy this rare find. Stock 531s.