Rociprolap 24″, used

We purchased  several 24″ Rociprolaps  in 1988 made by Rose Enterprises and used them for about 12 years. We had to set  them aside when a family member came to live with us in ill  health. We love these machines, and the lap plates weight only 50 lbs, so they were very easy to lift and set aside for cleaning.  The Rociprolap is a precision built machine, designed to eliminate the  manual work of lapping and polishing. It operates as its name implies, the lap plate revolves and reciprocates simultaneously.  It is perfectly balanced, therefore it does not have to be bolted down. It is extremely quiet in operation and very economical in use of grits and polishing compounds. The Rociprolap is all cast iron and steel construction.  The lap plate rides on nylon ball bearings and is actuated by the crank shaft which has a stroke of 7/16″ and reciprocates 600 times a minute. The cavities are approximately 1/8″ deep and 1/2″ in diameter, they distribute the compound evenly, and are non-clogging.  With proper care, it will give a lifetime of service. Sold complete with splash guard, bumper ring, polishing pad, set of steel dicks (6) and set of ball bearings (12), and1/3 H.P. motor, cord and operating instructions.

We ended up purchasing two more Rociprolaps to speed the operation, using 80 grit, 200 grit, 600 grit and then Tin oxide for polishing. Average lapping time 16-20 hours depending upon the hardness of material and the smoothness of the saw cut. When methods of lapping and polishing are followed the ultimate results are optically flat and have a mirror finish. Unit weighs 270 pounds for shipping. List price for one  24″ used Rociprolap $2,000, plus shipping!