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A Sphere Maker”s Craft by Robert F. Ritchie

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A Sphere Maker”s Craft, A Systematic Review of Sphere Cutting: Notes and Comments, is a book by Dr. Robert F. Ritchie, and signed by the author. A new low price is shown and will be helpful for that perfect gift for family, friends or donation to your local library. We congratulate Bob, for his achievement in writing such a comprehensive book which will be a “must have” in any dedicated lapidary artist library!  The book will be highly sought after by sphere makers and others interested in very detailed information for grinding and polishing treatments for hard and soft stones, recommended equipment, where to find dealers for equipment and rough rock, and more. Some of his chapters cover: sphere machines, lighting, storage and preparation of supplies, protocol for trimming rough rock, repairing and filling defects, (stabilization procedures), reducing a cube to an 18 sided blank, specific rock types, types of polishes and glues, and problem solving.  This technical manual on sphere making is sized approximately 9″ x 11″, 162 pages, and it has a plastic coil binding which allows you to lay the book flat while reading.  Many colored sphere photos are included with recommended  procedures of  polishing. Bob has polished hundreds of spheres from a great variety of materials. If you are having trouble polishing a certain type of stone, it is likely Bob has a procedure in his book to help you pick the right technique. Bob has been kind enough to put his e-mail address in his book, page 129, for comments or questions. Bob recently reported he was inching close to his 800th sphere. He has been a winner as Shop Friend of the Month a number of times and if you would like to see a few of his spheres, please click below. Talked with Bob recently and his stock of books are getting low. Not sure if he will have a second printing, so get a book while pricing is reasonable and availabe. To read another review of, A Sphere Maker”s Craft, go to http://www.the-vug.com/vug/article285.html  Thanks again for your interest.


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