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Bead Mill instructions by Covington Engineering

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The Bead Mill instructions will be sent with the purchase of either model #1039 or 1040 (same instruction sheets), made by Covington Engineering Corp.  The instruction listed here are not complete but will give you some sense of how to make beads with either of these units. PREFORMING OF BEADS:Cut the material into cubes, slightly larger than the desired bead size. Cut cubes accurately to produce beads of uniform size, which reduces grinding time. Complete the preforming process by grinding off all corners and sharp edges until the cube is a rough sphere.  The preforms must be spherical to ensure rotation during milling and approximately the same size to keep the milling head level. OPERATION:Prior to using your machine, make sure that you have a clean, usable work space with access to a power source.  Read the Covington Safety Demands Sheet.  Place the unit on a sturdy, level bench.  Before using, remove the 1/2″ collar on center vertical; it is installed for shipping only. LOAD: Turn the mill head upside down and fill groove about 80% full of preforms.  Load this quantity into the bowl. GRIT: Place the preformed beads in the bowl with several tablespoons of silicon carbide grit and enough water to  make a slurry.  For agate, jasper, and jade 80-grit is recommended.  For softer materials such as malachite, rhodochrosite, and turquoise, start with 220 or 400-grit.  Use enough water to keep the slurry liquid.  For hard materials do a second grind with 400-grit. Install milling head, let it rest on the preforms, and run for a  minute; beads will automatically find the  groove.  Remove head and check load.  To provide additional abrasive action, add 1 or 2 pound weights to the milling head by placing weight on center post. Preformed beads should be checked frequently at the start of milling at 10 minute intervals. Any broken pieces should be removed, as a bead rolling over broken pieces will break also. Grit has a tendency to drift into the center of the bowl, stir and spread occasionally. When beads are round and to size, remove from bowl. These instructions are compliments of Covington Engineering, although not complete. More information is in the instructions with the purchase of either Bead Mill, such as how to make graduated beads, cleaning, pre-polish, and polishing, etc.! Enjoy those hand made beads! All Covington Products are shipped from California through FEDEX, Shipping Cost may vary


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