Estwing gold pan, plastic, 12 inch


Estwing gold pan, black plastic, 12 inch

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The Estwing black plastic gold pan is a 12 inch size and weighs 6 ounces.  A small hole is in the ridge of the pan to make it easy to tie the pan to a belt or other when getting to that stream or dried up creek bed. The black color of the gold pans makes it easy to spot those gold nuggets or flakes. Instructions on how to pan for gold are printed on the bottom of the pan. “Place material in the pan.  Remove larger stones and other unwanted material, with a sieve screen or hand.  Lower the pan into water submersing the heavy material.  Remove the larger stones and agitate with your fingers letting the mud flow out of the pan until the water runs clean. Tilt the pan at an angle slightly forward and move the pan from side to side allowing the heavy material settle to the front of the pan. Lower the front half of the pan into water with material slightly submerged push water forward then back allowing the lighter material to escape. Repeat this motion and tap side of pan every three or four motions forcing the heavier material go to the bottom of the gold pan and repeat this until there is little material left except for the black sand and gold.” (Compliments Estwing Manufacturing Co.) Nuggets are wonderful to find, but remember to bring some old prescription bottles and tweezers or a small syphon for the gold flakes in the pan. Have fun and make sure everyone has a gold pan!  Kids love it and the younger ones are often the luckiest to find things. Stock BP12.

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Weight 1.1 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 2 in


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