How to use Old Miser


How to use Covington”s Old Miser grit holding compound

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The instructions on how to use Covington”s Old Miser grit holding compound are compliments of Covington Engineering Corp.   Covington “Old Miser” is made to hold grit in place and in suspension.

For Tumbling: It holds the grit in suspension so that all the rocks are always covered with grit for faster grinding.  “Old Miser” doesn”t allow the water to wash the grit to the bottom and off of the rocks.  For best results, place the stones in the tumbler with a charge as follows: For a 1 quart drum, use 1 1/2 lbs. stone, 4 Oz. 80 tumbler grit, and 1 teaspoon “Old Miser” powder. (Use the same amount in the other grit sequences, but do not add to the polish cycle).  For a one gallon drum, use 5 lbs. stone and 1 pound 80 grit, 4 teaspoons of “Old Miser.”

PLATE LAPPING: It holds the grit on the plate so that it doesn”t throw off.  1.  Brush water on still lap plate. 2. Sprinkle “Old Miser” on plate. 3.  Sprinkle grit on plate. 4.  Mix with brush.  5.  Start motor and lap., using enough water to keep material from sticking to the plate.  Sprinkle on “Old Miser” and grit as needed.

SPHERE MAKING: It holds the grit on the sphere and sphere cutters.  It keeps the grit in suspension so that it will self-feed on a Covington sphere cutter unit.  1.   Make a mixture of 4 parts of grit, 1 part of “Old Miser”.  2.  Add enough water to make a paste and brush on the sphere and cutters while running.  In the case of a Covington Unit, put the above mixter in the grit cup and adjust so that the sphere will pick up the mixture after you have brushed it on the sphere to start the pick up process. All Covington Products are shipped now from ID via FEDEX for normal shipping. When you purchase a sample of Old Miser Grit Carrier, an instruction sheet will be added to your order.


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