MK-301, 20″ GemKing saw blade

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MK 301 20 Gemking saw blade

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MK-301 20″ GemKing diamond saw blade.  Part #166073. Diameter 20″ or 508mm, width .085, 1″ arbor, rim height 5mm. The MK-301 GemKing lapidary saw blades have been redesigned with a greater diamond concentration and a higher carbon content steel core for improved tension memory.   The solid diamond sintered kerf provides better cutting performance and improved coolant flow.  The MK-301 blades require a petroleum based or synthetic cutting oil as a fluid/coolant.  Water is not suitable to use with these blades and will result in damage to the blades cutting capacity and will void the warranty.  Never use the blade dry under any circumstances. FOB Torrance, CA

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Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 21 × 21 × 1 in


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