Wooden cobra stand, lg.


Cobra stand, large, wooden cobra stand

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Cobra stands are made of wood and these are the large size, or 8″ length. The cobra stands are intricately carved from one block of wood. Pictured to the left are all four sizes of the wooden cobra display stands available: large, medium, small and extra small. The wooden cobra stands are hand carved in India but shipped from WY. The wood has an interesting grain pattern and are varnished. The 8″, large, cobra stand has a lift height of 3″.  Notice the shaped cobra head with eyes carved on the top end of the stand. When the three interlocking legs are unfolded, use them individually or in a grouping for displaying geodes, nodules, shells, gourds, pottery, spheres, carved eggs, wooden bowls, etc.   The cobra stands are the finest I have seen due to the varnished finished pieces.   They will make any display more impressive.

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