Covington Expandable drum 8″ x3″

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The photo  shows expandable drums 8″ x 3″ with  1-80 grit silicon carbide belt on the left and a 1200 grit diamond belt (blue) on the right. The drums feature angled slots through the heavy rubber rim which allows the drum to expand when rotated, thereby locking the belt in place.  Belts can be quickly changed by stopping the machine, slipping off the old one and sliding on the new one.  In use, the resilient drum surface  flexes to the gemstones contour to quickly remove grinding flats. It runs at a maximum speed of 1725rpm. In stock via the manufacture. Weight 7 lbs. SKU:CED830

See silicon carbide belts  also listed under the category,  Lapidary Parts and Supplies, 8″ x 3″, SKU: WBL25G from 60 grit up to 1,000 grit

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Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 3 × 9 in


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