Rough Rock for Sale in Powell, WY


Cabbing is a lapidary art—specifically, the process of making shaped and polished gemstones (cabochons). Anyone can master the art of cabbing with enough practice, but truly beautiful works of art come from having the right materials to work with. If you’re looking for beautiful slabs for cabbing or a cabbing machine, Stone Age Industries has them! We offer both slabs and rough rock for sale. NOTE: FREE SHIPPING ON ROUGH ROCK ONLY FROM NOV. 23RD TO DEC. 7TH, 2021 for USA ONLY USING THE USPS FLAT RATE SHIPPING. BOXES.  YOUR FREIGHT AMOUNT WILL STILL SHOW, BUT A REFUND WILL BE RETURNED TO YOU. HAPPY THANKS GIVING!

Rough Rock for Sale

Rough Rock Products

Our rough rocks are all-natural, non-treated semi-precious gemstones. We have options such as chalcedony, agate, jasper, jade, geodes, thundereggs and more available. Our rough rock is typically sold by the pound; however some gemstone varieties are sold in smaller increments (ounce or half-pound). Please be sure to read each description carefully!

We also have the ability to offer different size chunks of rough rock, ideal for specific shapes such as a sphere. Additionally, we can coordinate with you on bulk orders, delivering anything from a single 10-pound chunk to an assortment roughs equating to 10 pounds. Please reach out to us via email immediately after placing your order to clarify if you want something in particular.

Note: Pictures of rough rock products shown are samples of each material, not the exact item you will receive.

Slabs for Cabbing

Slabs for Cabbing

Unpolished slabs are perfect for cabbing and result in great products that are ideal for jewelry, artistic painting, craft projects and more.

Our semi-precious gemstone slabs have a normal thickness range from about 7/32 to 1/4″ thick. We have also been adding slabs at 3/8″ for flintknappers (identified in the description). You may also find some 1/16″ slabs used for transparencies and other thicknesses, which will be noted in each description. If a thickness of the slab is not given, please assume a normal thickness of around 1/4″.

Most slabs for cabbing are sold by the square inch, with a minimum of 5 one inch squares for an order of one. Slabs of more valuable materials are sold by the slice, with the listing price reflecting this. To determine slab size, we lay a plastic 1” grid over each slab and count the number of squares in the slab. Some materials may require several slabs to be sent to fill one order. If you prefer one large slab when ordering, please send an email after placing your order. We will do our best to fill the order as requested if larger slabs for cabbing are available.

Note: Pictures of slab products shown are samples of each material, not the exact item you will receive.

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If you’re ready to start using a cabbing machine and need rough rock for sale to get started in Powell, Willwood, Garland, or Park County, WY, contact us at Stone Age Industries today at 307-754-4681. or toll-free USA ONLY – 888 331 7625. We promise beautiful materials and lapidary equipment from our shop that is  sure to result in breathtaking cabochons and other polished products.