If you want to visit the shop, we are Open by Appointment. Call us toll-free in the USA, 1-888-331-7625 or regular phone, 1-307-754-4681. The web site is open 7 days a week, but shipping  and visiting the shop is now only available Monday through Thursday of each week. Go ahead and place an order anytime, and it will be shipped out first come first served starting on Monday’s through Thursday’s. Phone calls may be accepted Monday through Thursday.  We appreciate your understanding. NOTE: Please note we are a long time dealer for a few very well known lapidary equipment and suppliers, such as Covington Corp, Diamond Pacific Tool Corp, & Thumler’s Tumblers. The lapidary equipment is shipped direct to your business and or your home from the manufacturer. This saves double shipping. You’ll note a discount is shared with our equipment buyers. We send in orders to these suppliers and find out how soon the equipment will ship and if there is a delay we will let you know. Your web site orders always state where the equipment is coming from and is usually listed on the web page you are ordering from. We try to do our best on behalf of our customers and our suppliers. We have been in business since 1985 and started out advertising in popular rock and gem magazines. A web site was built in 2002- 2018, and a new web site was built in 2019 as shown now for 2024 . We thank you for your business and hope you enjoy the rocks, slabs, equipment, and supplies. We appreciate the many kind comments from our customers. We suggest checking out  another web site”Rock Tumbling Hobby”.  Customers appreciate this group showing many tips for assisting in all types of lapidary information and or procedures. I highly recommend checking them out. Thanks again!  Bill and Linna Beebe



If you have placed an order with us, be sure and add our e-mail address  ([email protected]) to your list of contacts. Tracking numbers  are sent by the U.S.P.S. when your order is ready for shipping. If you do not receive a tracking send us an e-mail and we will retrieve it for you. Be sure to list us in your e-mail contacts,  as sometimes notes can get sent to your SPAM files.  We  reside as a family-owned business, and are proud to provide quality lapidary equipment from our selection of manufacturing partners: Covington Engineering, Diamond Pacific Tool Corporation, & Tru-Square Metal Products/Thumler’s Tumblers.

Shop Online

We have 7 categories to help find the items of interest.  Click on “Shop” and those categories will be shown. Simply choose from our all-natural, non-treated gemstones, such as chalcedony, rough agates, jasper, jade, malachite, tiger eye, rhodonite, etc. Please note when ordering 1 for a rough rock, this usually means one pound. For others, a description on the product will tell you if it means 1 oz. or other. When ordering a slab, normally this means one order of approximately 5 one inch squares in the slab, or approximately 2″ x 3″ or so. The slab is measured in one inch grids to make one order or some times  a possibility of five orders can be in a slab,  depending on the material. If in question, make note on your receipt or send us an e-mail.

PLEASE NOTE: If an item is going to be shipped to a California residence and that purchase is for equipment or other that will be shipped from a California manufacturer of those products, a TAx will be due. Those manufacturers will be: Diamond Pacific Tool Corp., Now that Covington Engineering Corp is in Meridian, Idaho, the tax will be a rate of 7.75 if products are shipped from Idaho to Idaho residents. Should we have some items in our stock inventory from those manufacturers, no tax will be due.