Blue Biggs 28mm cab


One cabochon of Blue Biggs, (OR), 28mm in size

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A round 28mm cabochon of blue Biggs, (OR) is available from an old collection of the 50”s.  Each cab is just a little different from the next but has nice typical hills or designs as shown in the image to the left. They have been hand finished and then the last couple of steps have been tumbled polished so that the back of the cab is as nice as the front. (Great feature for pendants that tend to flip over when wearing them.) A 28mm size is just smaller than a USA fifty cent piece, which is 30.5mm. Biggs picture rock is known as one of the five best jaspers, unique, takes a good polish and now rare.  For your info, those five jaspers are: Blue Biggs, Bruneau, Morrisonite, Owhyhee jasper, and Deschutes. Just a few of these blue Biggs 28mm cabochons are in stock.


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Dimensions 1.10 × 1.10 × .25 in


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