Covington 14″ Combination slab and trim saw

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Covington 14″” combination slab saw

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Covington Engineering Corp., manufacturer of the 14″ combination slab and trim saw, has a multitude of features: a platinum 301 blade, 1/2hp motor, ships separatly, sawmill type carriage glides on steel ways, 4″ cross feed adjusts 1/16″ per turn for uniform slabbing, & is light enoubh to be moved easily at 160 lbs.  It is heavy duty enough for everday use, easily converts between a slab saw and a trim saw wih drop in table; rigid grip vise: steel jaw tongue contacts full length of vise,  holding jaw square so it can”t bind.  This unit is 110 V, 60Hz, with a 6″ vise, & 14″ saw blade, stock: 1152PF with dimensions for the unit: 42″ x 48″ x 40″ with a weight of 220 lbs..   A 220 V, 50 Hz model is also available for international shipping. The trim & slab saw is fully enclosed, with a welded 16 guage steel tank. An x-pattern strengthening rib ensures that the tank unit is square and the hood sits properly. The hood is riveted to a  steel hinge and fits neatly into the tank.  A peek window opens for quick-view access to check slabbing process. Requires Motor Truck Freight Shipping! Covington Products are now shipped from Meridian, ID. The freight charge will be by truck Fed EX due to the weight. We will confirm the actual freight charge and with your approval of the freight cost, the order will be shipped. Thank you!

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Weight 220 lbs
Dimensions 42 × 48 × 40 in


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