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Diamond blade dresser, small size for size smaller than 16

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The small diamond blade dresser attaches to the rock saw vise on most rock slab saws size 14-16″. Use screws or bolts to attach the blade dresser to the back of the saw vise. (Screws or bolts, not included.) You will be sharpening/cleaning the blade before slabbing the rock. The size of the block to be attached is approximately 11″ x 4″ x 2″.  Shown is a 1″ x 1″ x 6″ 220 grit dresser stick which comes with the diamond blade dresser.  When blade sharpening/cleaning is needed, slid the dresser stick over, tighten the large knob and proceed to slice a thin segment off of the dresser stick, just enough to clean the cutting edge of the diamond saw blade. No need to stop the saw, and or remove or back off the dresser, but continue on with slabbing of the slice.  When slabbing of the slice or slab has been completed and the vise has been cranked over for the next slab or slice, loosen the large knob on the back of the blade dresser and readjust the dresser stick so that just a small amount of the dresser stick is slabbed off or just slide the dresser stick away from the saw blade until sharpening/cleaning is needed again. When slabbing large rough in dense hard agates such as Brazil agate, bloodstone, fancy blood jasper, or rock with metallic content, etc., we recommend using the diamond blade dresser with each slab cut.  Diamond saw blades perform better with regular sharpening/cleaning.  Dished blades may be a thing of the past with regular sharpening instead of trying to force a dull blade through hard, dense stones. If you have been using sticks of wood, clamps and old grinding wheels to sharpen your saw blade, and attaching them to the vise, when needed, this unit will be a welcome relief, ready and simple to use when you need it.

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Dimensions 11 × 4 × 2 in


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