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SAFETY: The DopStation and wax will get very hot and will burn your fingers if you are not careful.   Use with caution and keep a small container fill with cool water handy to wet your fingers.  Set the unit on a sturdy level work surface that is  heat tolerant.  Keep out of reach of children.  Use only in a properly grounded outlet.  The polarized plug will  only fit one way.  Do not force the large polarized blade into a smaller ungrounded outlet.  Unplug the unit when not in use.  Use the lighted rocker switch for convenience when working.

USING THE DOPSTATION: The DopStation is thermostatically controlled. Plug in the DopStation.  Place up to a full 1/4 lb. stick or dop wax into the pan.  Break the stick into pieces so they don’t melt outside of the pan.  Turn on the the rocker switch and allow the wax to melt fully. The wax will melt to proper consistency in about 20 minutes and maintain consistency as long as the DopStation is turned  on. Turn off when done, leaving the unused wax in the center pot to re-solidify.  Unplug the unit if not being used for extended periods of time.  Stones can be preheated by placing them on the wide black rim around the pot.  Be careful.  The stones will get  hot.  Most stones will  heat to dopping temperature in under a minute.  Do not leave stones on the pot for longer periods.  Some stones (such as opals) are sensitive to  heat and may crack.  Others (such as amber) may even begin to melt at the high temperatures of the DopStation.  For heat sensitive materials only heat for short periods.

MAINTENANCE:  Used carefully, your new Inland Craft DopStation should be free of maintenance concerns.  However, it is always a good idea to occasionally inspect any electrical cord or switch for wear, and replace as needed. (Do not try to repair a worn cord or switch).

HELPFUL TIPS: Store your dop sticks, with or without stones dopped to them in the convenient holders at the rear of the DopStation.

WARRANTY: The Inland Craft DopStation is warranted by the manufacturer to be free from defect for the period of one full  year from the date of purchase. Any questions, e-mail [email protected].

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