Dryhead Agate, John T. Hurst


Inside look at the history, mining, and natural beauty of Dryhead agates

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Dryhead Agate  is a new, high-quality, first edition book, copyright 2012, and is signed by the author, John T. Hurst.  Dryhead Agate covers the history and mining of this world famous agate, plus other gemstones of the Dryhead area. The book has 338 vivid color photos by John which has been described as exceptional!  The book features a laminated cover with perfect binding for durability, and is sized at 8 1/2″ x 11″ and containes 90 pages. Since Dryhead agate is very hard to come by, this will be a wonderful opportunity to familiarize yourself with this wonderful gemstone.  Dryhead agate has been mined since the 50”s and it pays to know what the material looks like as it does vary.  Many people sell their grandfather”s rock collection or put items in a yard sale and don”t know the names of the rocks or where they are from.  You don”t want to pass up this valuable material by accident. Some of the chapters covered are: Dryhead Agate Mine, Early Prospectors and Miners, Evaluating Dryhead, Cutting and Polishing, Fluorescence in Dryhead Agate, and much more. This will be a wonderful book for gift giving to that favorite rockhound, rock club, local library or museum. Should you be in the Powell, WY area, Northwest College has several Dryhead agate collections donated by Walter and Edna Scott, and Wayne and Betty Breitweiser. Another place to view the material is in the Smithsonian Institute in Washington D.C. purchased from miners Jan Daggett and Mike Horner. Thank you John for documenting the history plus of this fantastic rare gemstone called Dryhead Agate! Only 1 more book available.

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