Graveyard Point plume, good gr. slabs


Graveyard Point plume slabs

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Graveyard Point plume agate slabs will contain five one inch squares of material and quality is good grade. Plumes may be colored white, black, gold, etc., in gray to blue or clear agate. There may be some waste with vugs in some areas but orient your template pattern for cabbing. Graveyard Point plume agate will take a beautiful polish. Cabochons made from Graveyard Point plume are hard to come by, so it”s nice to offer something out of the ordinary. we found some rough or slabs that had a bit of fluorescent material, some blue and some orange coloring. Check your piece and add it to your fluorescent collection. See the links below for more related products.

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Weight 0.25 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 2 × .25 in


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