MT-10 Option 1, Mini-Sonic tumbler

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The MT-10 Option 1, is for the Mini Sonic tumbler by Diamond Pacific Tool Corp. The tumbler has a base and one 10 pound hopper. Tumble agates, opal, agates, etc. Tumble baroques, preforms, beads, sea shells, metals, etc. Even tumble polish carvings fast and efficiently without changing the shapes to any measurable degree. The action of the Mini-Sonic tumbler is achieved without shafts, belts, pulley, eccentric weights or even a motor.  Without any moving parts to wear out or a motor  to burn up  these tumblers will last longer than other small vibratory type tumblers. (Note there is a MT-10 with an Option 2 also available on our web site which has 2 each 4 lb. hoppers. both are at the same price.) The hoppers give exceptionally long wear and are made of cast plastisol.   The MT 10 feature dial speed controls for selecting the power required to control tumbling action and speed of rotation. Shipped direct from the factory, Barstow, CA, to your home or shop. Your order may take a few days but may take longer, but get on the list for a shipment.  It is first come first served. We will keep you posted and find out the possible time of shipping and give you a call back for the lead time before you decide to buy. This is a 15V Model. Base unit is #432-010, hopper 10 is part #433-10H.

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Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 8 × 8 in


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