Needles blue agate slab


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A few Needles blue agate slabs are available.  The location belonged to the Needles Gem and Mineral Club, out of CA. Not sure of the status now, but they were mined from the Blue Danube Mine out of Lake Havasu. Only club members and their guests could dig for this rare stone, the only known location in the USA. The mostly thin blue green areas of gem silica are in a rhyolite porphyry. Relatives of ours, F.B. & Maggie McShan of Needles invited us to go with them, many years ago.  The Needles blue agate is 85-95% silicon, with many trace elements (21 different minerals) in the gemstone.  The blue agate in the slabs are very thin.  Still a very rare  material. Stock number 539s

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