Polish, Tin oxide, 1 lb.

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Tin oxide polish

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One pound of pure tin oxide is 99.9% pure tin oxide which provides an excellent polish on almost any gemstone including hard to polish stones.  So sorry pricing for tin oxide has doubled in price. Tin oxide is an excellent polish for cabochons, faceting, flat lapping, or tumbling many gemstones. We never used anything other than tin oxide, for flat lapping and got great results. (One exception was rhodonite that tends to undercut when flat lap polished on felt, although tumble polishing rhodonite with tin oxide gave very good results. I should make a note here that some gemstone material does not polish well with felt. For those materials, polish using a hard surface to keep from undercutting.) There are many types of tin oxide sold. Make sure the tin oxide is at least 99.9% pure. An order of one is for a one pound package of tin oxide.

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