Rhodonite, Crafton Hills slabs


Rhodonite, Crafton Hills slabs

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Crafton Hills rhodonite is sold in slab form with one slab containing at least five one inch squares per order. The slab shown contains more than 10 one inch squares so you need to order two to get a similar slab. This is the best from this classic location. Recently sawed slabs of Crafton Hills rhodonite shows the color is bright pink with black spider web patterns with possibly some grey areas with yellow garnet or white quartz. If a slab contains solid black areas, those square inches are not counted. The unfinished slab colors may appear dull at times due to weathering, but the grinding and polishing procedure will bring back color in most areas. If you plan on saving your slabs for use later, protect the slabs from darkening or oxidizing, by wrapping your slabs in newspaper. Crafton Hills will takes a beautiful polish especially with diamond procedures. The rhodonite location has been depleted long ago and may now be found only in collections. Try your hand at polishing this beautiful stone. Stock 634s.

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