Rough Yellow blackskin


Rough yellow blackskin agate

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Yellow blackskin agate in the rough is from India. (Stock 216) The agate nodules are mostly small from one fourth of a pound to a pound or so and are very similar to Montana agate with bands, dendrites or inclusions in reddish brown to black patterns in translucent clear to white agate.  They were called blackskins from our India supplier but have a yellow exterior instead of the usual dark or black exterior of normal blackskin agate rough. The patterns in the yellow blackskin rough seem to have more of the Montana type inclusions than the yellow skin agate. Yellow blackskin agate is a type of dendritic agate and they are always fun to slab, since you never know what kind of a pattern may be found. The yellow blackskin agate rough will polish beautifully in these high quality agate nodules. They also fluoresce nicely with red on the exterior and the white that lines the agate fluoresced a pink color. Please note: most of the agates have been chipped on the end from our supplier. Price listed is for one pound.

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Weight 1.2 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 3 in


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