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Vibra-Dry (R) + mix, 25,000 is a polishing compound that is  highly recommended for an even greater polish using a vibratory tumbler for  your tumbled stones, cabochons, and most metal such as coins, jewelry pieces, casting, etc. Vibra-Dry + is not recommended for use in a rotary or barrel tumbler. An order of one is for one pound. For most stones such as agate and jasper, use the silicon carbide grit sequences of 60/90, 150/220, 500-600, aluminum oxide 800 pre-polish.  For a better shine continue the process using a vibratory tumbler and Vibra-Dry + mix.  Should you want to use some of the other mixes give us a call or send an e-mail and we can order for you. The following grits are 600, 1700, 3000, 8,000, 14,000, 25,000, & 50,000. Diamond Pacific recommends the following as a guideline for the Vibra-Dry + mix polishing compound: Soft stones 2-4 on the MOH scale such as amber, coral, pearl, etc.: 600-3000, 25,000 50,000, soft medium: 5 MOH scale (Apache tears, glass, shell, etc.)3,000-25,000, 50,000.  Medium 5-6 MOH scale (jade, opal, turquoise, etc.) 3000-14,000,25,000, 50,000.  Hard: 78- MOH Scale (agate, jasper, topaz, etc. 14,000,25,000, 50,000.    Please NOTE:in the past a small package of steel shot had been part of the process with Vibra-Dry, but the company and customers discovered the steel shot is not needed. The Vibra-Dry + mix works just fine without steel shot.  Complete instructions come with your order, Vibra-Dry is a dry process, and your stones or metals use no water, additives, thickeners or fillers of any kind.  Vibra-Dry is reuseable several times over. For more tips on tumbling using Vibra-Dry go to the category, “Lapidary Info” and look for the article “Obsidian tumbling using Vibra-Dry by Gary Olson.  I have not seen a better polish on obsidian, than Gary Olson’s process. Ships Powell, WY

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