Abrasive grain, 46/70 grit


Abrasive grain/grit size 46/70

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Silicon carbide grit 46/70 is sold in one pound packages. The abrasive grain, grit size 46/70 (extra-extra coarse) is a tumbling quality grit used as an aggressive starter grit for your stones to remove an outer matrix from an agate center, etc. Use one tablespoon of the silicon carbide abrasive grit 46/70 per one pound of rock in your barrel tumbler. If you need to continue tumbling in the extra coarse grit another week, be sure to add the same amount of grit the following week since the larger grit sizes break down faster. Send an e-mail or call if you would prefer 5 pounds of the extra-extra coarse grit with a cost of $19.15 and your order of one pound can be changed.

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