MT-14 option 1, Mini-sonic vibratory tumbler

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The MT-14, mini-sonic tumblers are from Diamond Pacific Tool Corp.  The MT-14 Option 1 has one hopper-14 .  (load capacity 12 lbs. approx.) shipping weight 35 lbs. it features dial speed controls for selecting the power required to control tumbling action and speed of rotations from gentle processing of opal to the full power processing agates,  jaspers, topaz, etc. The Mini-Sonic tumblers are not ordinary vibratory tumblers.  The unique action is achieved without shafts, belts, pulleys, eccentric weights or even a motor, without any moving parts to w ar out.  It operates on a unique principle employing interrupted electrical current that provides vibration as the driving force powering the rotation of the load.  Only a small amount of abrasives are required in the tumbling process.  As the abrasive begins to pulverize or break down and combines with rock dust and water, a slurry or coating mixture is formed and it is this coating which should be maintained throughout all the tumbling processes  Too much water or too much abrasives will cause material to collect in the bottom of the  hopper and rotate properly.  Hoppers give exceptionally long wear.  They are made of cast plastisol. As of this date, 6/3/2023 it will be from 4-6 weeks before a tumbler can be shipped, but sign up as soon as you can, because the tumblers go out quickly. All three MT-14 tumblers are priced the same.

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