Obsidian, mahogany black lace slab, OR


Slabs of mahogany black lace obsidian, OR

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Slabs of mahogany black lace obsidian are from Oregon. A double flow pattern of color in obsidian with black and reddish brown swirls with smoky/clear and black areas. The slab pictured is approximately 3″ X 6″, (3 orders) which means you should order three to get a similar slab. An order of one will be a sample slab containing 5 each one inch squares. The obsidian is very good quality which will make some beautiful cabochons. Check your rough to see if you can see banding. You do not want to slab parallel with the banding as you won’t see much in the slab.   Just turn the rough around some and try slabbing again. Good Luck! Stock 542s

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