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The Super Dop Pot can be used with any of the 3 normal colors of lapidary dop wax, red (M.P. 135 degrees F), green (M.P. -150 degrees F) and black (M.P. -190 degrees F).  The dop pot has compartments, one large one and 2 smaller ones.  The large compartment is usually used for the dop wax and the small compartments are usually used to preheat stones. You can also use the “edges”  on the top of the dop pot to lay stones on for preheating.

To Operate:

A. Open blue lid, operate with lid open!!!!!

B. Place cold dop in selected compartment. Usually when dop is melted you want the compartment 1/2 to 3/4 full.

C. Plug in the dop pot to a 115 Vac. outlet.

D. Turn On/Off the dop pot with the red rocker switch on the right hand side of the dop pot. This switch should glow red when the switch is on and the dop pot plugged in.

E. Set the temperature control to desired setting.  The temperature control knob is the black knob on the left hand side of the pot.  There is a pilot light that will flash on and off red on the left hand side of the pot.  This light

when lit indicates the power is on to the heating element.  It is normal operation for this left  hand pilot light to be turning on/off during operation. Suggested temperature settings for the different colored dop waxes:

a. For red dop wax, set the white mark of the temperature control knob one “Notch” below 3/4.

b. For Green dop wax, set the white mark of the temperature control knob at about 3/4.

c. For black dop wax, set the white mark of the temperature control knob one “Notch” above 3/4.

Watch for overheating of the dop wax  Over heating is indicated by bubbling or boiling on the surface of the wax.  If this occurs, turn the knob down a “Notch” or two.  NOTE: If you significantly overheat the dop wax you could

damage or destroy the wax. This is usually indicated by curtailing of the wax even when it is hot or darkening of the red or green wax.  If this occurs you need to remove the old damaged dop wax. The best way to remove the old damaged

dop wax is to heat the dop wax to a normal operating temperature and use a stainless steel teaspoon to scrape out the softened wax.

When finished using the dop pot, simply turn the power switch on the right side OFF> Once the dop pot is cool, close the BLUE LID. When shutting down the dop pot it is advised to NOT mess with the temperature control knob.

Just leave it where it is. Thanks you M. L. S. for the dop wax pot and information. SKU:803020



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